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Arthritis is a long standing, chronic illness. Although there is a wealth of informaiton and promising progression in finding suitable treatments, there is still no cure. 


Please visit the following websites to learn about symptoms, susceptiblity and how you can help.


Knowledge is power and awareness is key in this silent fight. 


Thank you to everyone who offered their knowledge and stories in the making of this site.


The Arthritis Socety 

Arthritis Alliance of Canada

Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance

The Governent of Canada: Life With Arthritis in Canada 



About The Author

Veronica Pocza is a 24-year-old journalist from Calgary, Alberta.


She is currently a reporter and section editor for The Calgary Journal Online, was the founding lead editor of Calgary-based magazine, Branded, and has had multiple stories published in both print and online for both publications.


Her work in advocacy journalism began in 2013, with a story about a tattoo artist seeking regulation approval for specialized scar tissue tattooing on mastectomy patients. This work was featured as the March 2013 print cover story for The Calgary Journal with a feature and award nomination in Profiles West.


From then on, Veronica has been inspired to lend her journalism skills to raising awareness about common misconceptions, 

whenever possible. 


In her own diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis at the age of 21, Veronica decided to pursue this project of passion during her "silent fight." 

Portrait shot by Asim Overstands 

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